AGES 6-18

                                                        Two People            Three People

  • 1 Hour            $115.00             $65.00                     $48.00
  • 2Hours           $215.00             $120.00                   $90.00
  • 5 Hours          $515.00             $285.00                   $205.00
  • 10 Hours       $975.00             $535.00
  • 20 Hours      $1800.00           $1000.00
  • 30 Hours      $2600.00           $1450.00


All Lesson Prices are PER PERSON!

All Multiple lesson packages include Video.  Our Students who are competing will receive tournament preparation.


Call for pricing. 

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The Lab Program at Hazelmere

Junior golfers are the future of this great game and the LAB is the industry leader in junior golf development. The opportunity to reach more young golfers by adding a second facility is helping us fulfill our mission to “create great golfers and even better people!” The LAB is internationally regarded as one of the most innovative and effective coaching systems in the game of golf.The seamless blending of golf coaching and golf specific physical conditioning allows the LAB to create healthy, active, powerful golfers who respect the game they play and maximize their potential both on and off the golf course. Whether you are wanting to learn the game, learn to compete, or want to train for college golf scholarships and a future in pro golf, the LAB has programs to fulfill your aspirations.   

What is the LAB? 
The LAB is a coaching and fitness program designed to help junior golfers achieve their aspirations in the game of golf. The combination of golf coaching with golf specific fitness takes golfers of all skill levels to new heights. 
Our coaching philosophy is simple. Golf isn’t about developing a perfect swing. You need to learn how to play the game of golf if you want to improve your score! The LAB coaching staff takes a 360 degree approach to coaching and believe in mentoring golfers not just instructing them! 
Our philosophy on fitness? The nervous system you use in the gym is the same nervous system you take to the first tee. Developing a better athlete in the gym results in a more powerful and dynamic golfer on the course. The gym sessions remove limitations holding the golfer back from playing their best golf which is then layered with a performance training to take their game to the next level. The gym isn’t just about getting stronger and developing more power in their golf swing! The LAB coaches focus on teaching them the importance of a healthy lifestyle, work ethic, positive body image, nutrition for optimal performance and help them develop life skills that breed self confidence. 
Answer from a current LAB Player during a goal setting exercise called “Who are you?”: 
I am LAB! I am a golfer who is committed to my coaching plan, I make fitness a part of my lifestyle,  I mentor those coming behind me while learning from the LAB members paving the road ahead of me. I am a part of a team that supports and encourages me to be my best. I have coaches that guide me on my journey by sharing their expertise and life experiences to help me develop as an individual both on and off the course. I am LAB
 History of the LAB
The LAB is the brainchild of Matt Palsenbarg and Jason Glass. Matt has coached provincial teams, college athletes, professional golfers and won numerous awards for his work in developing some of BC’s and Canada’s top juniors. Jason served as the head strength coach for the Canadian National team where he helped develop the systems that are now globally considered the gold standard for physical development for golf. He has helped develop some of Canada’s best golfers including PGA Tour winners Adam Hadwin, Mackenzie Hughes and Major Champion winner Brooke Henderson. The LAB’s head fitness coach, Lindsay Manion, has elevated the LAB training systems to another level by blending her experience as a champion collegiate golfer and training techniques she has developed from her variety of team sports that she continues to dominate.  
With the help from Coach Chris Lutes, they created the LABsters program which has revolutionized the way we train elementary school aged golfers. Using the philosophy of developing athletes first, golfers second has created a dynamic system that teaches the ABC’s of movement and the fundamentals of golf in a fun and interactive program. 
  Are you ready for the LAB? 
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